Our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) marks an important step in our organisation’s reconciliation journey.

Our Reflect RAP sets out the actions we are working on to foster a deeper understanding and connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to contribute towards reconciliation.

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Our RAP Artwork

Bulbul Parai - meaning Heart for Country in the Awabakal language

Bulbul Parai Heart for Country original 2  

About the art

The artwork highlights CWP Renewables, their commitment to reconciliation and their journey of fostering a sustainable future in harmony with the environment,
community, and all stakeholders.

The Gathering Circle within the artwork depicts CWPR, their commitment to reconciliation and collaboration on a shared vision. The circles hold a significant
threefold meaning within the design:

The outer imagery depicts three traditional symbols for Elders, acknowledging Traditional Custodians upon the CWPR footprint across country and the value of traditional cultural practices that operate in harmony with country.

The centre three rings of the gathering circle represent the three key focus of reconciliation: respect, relationships and opportunities.

While together the complete circle surrounded by people symbols reflects the CWPR family, teamwork and embracing the communities in which they operate through collaboration, inclusion and bringing a welcome to all.

Bulbul Parai Elements Main Circle small  

Traditional designs portraying wind turbines holding six steppingstones are featured within the backdrop on country. The steppingstones have the dual symbolism of both the journey we are on from fossil fuels to renewable resources, and CWPR’s six values:

1 Safety First
2 Integrity
3 Quality
4 Respect
5 Tenacity
6 Collaboration

Engraved songlines on country featured throughout the backdrop represent country in all its diversity, from our waterways, mountains, valleys, deserts and plains. The imagery flows across the canvas, evoking a feeling of wind movement and going forward together. The power of wind is intertwined throughout the artwork.

Traditional symbolism for people is interwoven throughout the songlines reflecting CWPR’s commitment to ‘it’s about people’. The CWPR team, alongside stakeholders and community
on country as we create a sustainable future for all, with a ‘Heart for Country’.

Bulbul Parai Heart for Country CWP Graphic Element Turbine  

About the artist

Saretta Fielding is an award-winning Aboriginal Artist of the Wonaruah Nation living in Awabakal Country, NSW. Her artwork versatility is seen across a wide range of public artworks and mediums including fine art, public installations and fashion.

Saretta’s unique art style combining traditional symbolism and storytelling in a contemporary artform, as well as her distinct colour palette, is fast becoming recognised nationally and internationally.

Her flair for interpreting natural elements and mediums demonstrates her passion for country, instantly grabbing one’s attention, inviting the viewer to savour, connect and share in the rich and alive culture of Aboriginal Australia.

Saretta Fielding