We believe generating low cost renewable energy is the key to powering communities

The wellbeing of the community is a core component of our work. Our approach to engaging with the local community is both genuine and lasting. We own our projects from development right through to operations. This gives us unrivalled experience through the entire project life and provides us with a deep-founded respect for people, communities and the environment.

We always welcome your contact and feedback should you have any questions or concerns about our projects, no matter what stage they’re in.

Giving back to the community


CWP Renewables Approach

Community benefit sharing and sponsorships

We share the benefits of our projects by supporting communities over the long term. We do this through a range of opportunities such as community benefits funds, voluntary planning agreements, community sponsorship and grant initiatives.

We recognise that each community is different, and we aim to tailor benefits at each project and make positive lasting contribution to each region.

Each of our projects has a community sponsorship program, which provides funds or in-kind support to community organisations and events in the local project area.

Key areas for the program include:

  • Education and training initiatives
  • Community development programs
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environmental initiatives

Applications are open for community sponsorship. Please contact the relevant Project Manager for the project in your local area for more information. Download and complete the Community Sponsorship Application and forward with any relevant documentation to info@cwprenewables.com

Community Sponsorship Guidelines & Application Form

Alternatively, you can complete and submit the form online via the link below.

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Community Consultative Committee

The purpose of a community consultative committee (CCC) is to provide a forum for open discussion.

It is a space for us to speak with representatives from the community, the council and other stakeholders about specific matters relating to each project.

A CCC is included in every single one of our projects. The CCC follows the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Community Consultative Committee Guidelines for State Significant Projects.

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Clean Energy Council Best Practice Charter

CWP Renewables is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Community Engagement Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments. This involves a voluntary set of commitments that we will uphold when developing and operating our clean energy projects.

We work respectfully with the communities in which work, are sensitive to environmental and cultural values and aim to make a positive contribution to the regions in which we operate.

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CWP Renewables in the Community

Rural Fire Service Fire Shed

Kings Plains Rural Fire Service (RFS) is one of the many community-operated volunteer rural fire stations in the New England region of NSW. The station, along with many of the volunteers, is a direct neighbour to the Sapphire Wind Farm.

The location of the fire shed, along with the extraordinary community spirit within the local area, has attributed to the great relationship that exists between the wind farm, the local community and the Kings Plains RFS.

As well as the day-to-day RFS activities that the fire shed accommodates, it is also used as a community facility to host events.

Sapphire Wind Farm has been fortunate to be able to work with the RFS on multiple occasions on tasks such as developing emergency response plans, training drills, controlled hazard reduction burns and, of course, the annual Christmas party.

The Kings Plains RFS has also previously received grant funding for a standalone solar system and security, installation of mobile phone boosters in trucks as well as a concreted area at the front of the fire shed.

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Ilford State School visit Crudine

Ilford State School’s visit had been looked forward to by the students and teachers all of Term four. As a close neighbour to the Crudine Ridge Wind Farm, many of the students and teachers had seen the construction of the wind farm over the course of eight months.

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm’s Community Engagement Officer, Marie Hensley, and Operation’s Facility Manager, Brad Jachmann, presented to the junior and senior primary school classes. The children were keen to learn all about the wind farm and even the little ones were very engaged and asked lots of questions.

After the presentation, both groups got to go out into the playground and pace out the length of the wind turbine blade used at Crudine Ridge wind farm and were able to see a small working model of a wind turbine in action. A wonderfully informative and engaging day was had by students and teachers.

The best question of the day from one of the younger students was: “How much does it cost to buy a wind turbine as I want to put one in our back yard?”

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Sapphire Wind Farm Community Co-investment

Sapphire Wind Farm was the first large scale renewable energy project in Australia to roll out a community co-investment scheme. More than $7.4 million was pledged by community members interested in investing throughout 2017 and 2018.

More information can be seen here.

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Open day at Sapphire Wind Farm

In 2018, Sapphire Wind Farm held an open day as part of the Clean Energy Council’s “National Wind Farm Open Day” initiative.

A family fun day was held at Victoria park in Inverell. Coach tours took visitors through spectacular rural scenery, past the substation and up to one of the wind turbines where there was an opportunity to view the turbine close-up and take photos. CWP Renewables staff were on hand to answer any questions.

At Victoria Park there was an exhibition area with stands hosted by CWP Renewables, TransGrid and Vestas. There was a free jumping castle and face painting for kids and steak and sausage sandwiches were provided by Westpac Rescue Helicopters Fundraisers through out the day.

More than 1,000 people attended the wind farm on the coach tour and an additional 1,000 people visited the information stands at Victoria Park.

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ACT Community solar investment scheme

CWP Renewables provided the financing for Australia’s largest community-owned renewable energy project: the SolarShare Majura Valley Solar Farm.

SolarShare raised equity from 400 Canberran investors and CWP Renewables provided a loan for the balance.

The project was identified as it was aligned with the community development objectives of Sapphire Wind Farm as part of the ACT Government power purchase agreement scheme.

Our support for the project enabled Solar Share to proceed with a tracking solar panel mounting system. Construction started in late 2020 and was completed in early 2021.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our community engagement team