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In the News

In the News

5 July 2018
The Changing Shape of Wind and Solar in Australia’s Grid

12 June 2018
GE Reports: “Forecast: more wind energy for New South Wales”

30 May 2018
Energy Magazine: “CEFC announces milestone wind project”

30 May 2018
The Inverell Times: “Elsmore Hall thanks Sapphire Wind Farm for receiving grant under “Construction in the Community” Program”

29 May 2018
Parkes Champion-Post: “Renewable power that’s set to help replace coal-fired power in Australia”

29 May 2018
Cleantechnica: “Swiss Equity Firm Commits To 1.3 Gigawatt Australian Renewable Energy Platform”

29 May 2018
Australian Business Network: “CWP joins with Partners Group to deliver 1.3GW of Australian renewables projects”

29 May 2018
Glen Innes Examiner: “RFS, theatre and museum all get aid from wind farm company”

29 May 2018
Energy Source Distribution: “CWP joins forces with Partners for 1.3GW of renewables projects”

28 May 2018
Partners Group: “Partners Group to invest AUD 700 million in Australian renewable energy platform; announces imminent construction of Crudine Ridge Wind Farm”

27 May 2018
RenewEconomy: “CWP brings in Partners for 1,300MW of wind, solar and batteries”

4 May 2018
RenewEconomy: “Pilbara renewables hub adds 3GW wind and solar to $20bn plan”

2 May 2018
RenewEconomy: “Sapphire wind farm turns on for ACT’s 100% renewables target”

20 April 2018
The Northern Daily Leader: “New England’s big windfall from White Rock and Sapphire wind farms: report”

1 Feb 2018
RenewEconomy: “Powershop signs huge deal for solar, wind projects – “stunned” by low prices”

1 Feb 2018
Powershop: “Meridian Energy Australia invests in renewable energy by adding hydro, solar and wind projects to meet on-going customer growth”

20 Jan 2018
The Guardian: “NSW’s largest windfarm highlights power of community investment”

19 Jan 2018
RenewEconomy: “Community to invest directly in wind power in New England”

22 Jul 2014
Clean Energy Council: Clean Energy Council award winners outshine rivals at Clean Energy Week”

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