Our Communities

Doing renewable energy right by communities

CWP Renewables works closely with the local communities within which we are active. This include landowners, community members, advocacy groups, Councils and local business owners.

Our aims are to:

  • Establish a strong network of positive, long-term relationships within the communities in which we work
  • Stay attuned and respond to community needs wherever possible
  • Contribute to community growth – creating value and opportunity
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment across the life of the asset
  • Ultimately make renewable energy accessible to more communities in Australia

Project initiatives

Our community consultation and engagement programs incorporate initiatives such as:

  • Community consultative committees: to build strong working relationships between the project and the community and to provide a forum for open discussion and information sharing.
  • Community benefit funds: to support local community projects and initiatives to enhance quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Community Investment opportunities, such as the uniquie initiative developed in the Sapphire Wind Farm community: an industry first in Australia.

Working with you

CWP Renewables undertakes development with social and environmental impacts front of mind with the aim to create a project with as low an impact as possible for the environment and community. This begins with at the earliest concept stage and continues through to operations and decommissioning.

CWP Renewables consults with the local community early and collaborates actively with landowners to help inform the layout of the project throughout the development. We undertake technical assessments to further inform the conceptual layouts of developments early in the process with a principal aim of avoiding areas of higher environmental values. Impacts are further identified and minimised through the planning process, detailed design, construction, operations and these principles will follow into decommissioning. Unavoidable and residual environmental impacts associated with our developments are mitigated using a variety of methods; including environmental offsets. CWP Renewables’ projects actively secure land and managing these areas for biodiversity conservation.

Clean Energy Council

CWP Renewables is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Community Engagement Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments.

This involves a voluntary set of commitments that we will uphold when developing and operating our clean energy projects.