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Our Communities

Doing renewable energy right by communities

We make renewable energy accessible and affordable to communities, while engaging in strong community programs.

CWP Renewables works closely with the local communities within which we are active. This include landowners, community members, advocacy groups, Councils and local business owners.

Our aims are to:

  • Establish a strong network of positive, long-term relationships within the communities in which we work
  • Stay attuned and respond to community needs wherever possible
  • Contribute to community growth – creating value and opportunity
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment across the life of the asset
  • Ultimately make renewable energy accessible to more communities across the world.

How do we do this? Most of all, we think global and long-term, but act local and always consider our everyday impacts.

Project initiatives

Our community consultation and engagement programs incorporate initiatives such as:

  • Community consultative committees: to build strong working relationships between the project and the community and to provide a forum for open discussion and information sharing.
  • Community benefit funds: to support local community projects and initiatives to enhance quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Community Investment opportunities, such as the uniquie initiative developed in the Sapphire Wind Farm community: an industry first in Australia.

Quick Facts: Our Project Communities

Sapphire Wind Farm

Community Benefit Fund: A Community Benefit Fund will give back to the community in a tangible, long-term way. Once Sapphire Wind Farm is built and energy is being generated, more than $3.75 million will be invested within community projects over the 20-year life of the wind farm (approximately $187,500 per annum).

Legacy Projects: It’s about the legacy you leave. We are providing a clean energy alternative that will benefit generations to come. But that’s not enough. We want to contribute to the local communities that have made our wind farm possible: leaving a material legacy that makes a difference to everyday life for years to come.

We are working hand-in-hand to develop and deliver a series of longer-term, legacy projects that will span the life of Sapphire Wind Farm. Along with our contractors, we’re planning to co-fund and co-deliver a series of community projects in areas like construction and education.

Community Investment: After consulting extensively with the community around the Sapphire Wind Farm, we received overwhelming interest in community investment into the project. So far, over $6.5 million of community investment pledges have been received. On that basis, we have committed to implementation of a large scale community investment scheme for the Sapphire Wind Farm, which will be an Australian first.

More information

Crudine Ridge Wind Farm

The project commenced construction in May 2018 and will create over 75 jobs during construction. The wind farm will be fully commissioned in 2019 and will contribute over $168,000 to community benefits annually throughout operations.

Boco Rock Wind Farm

The 113.18 MW Boco Rock Wind Farm was awarded the 2014 Community Engagement Award by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) – Mr Thornton of the CEC said the hard work by staff at CWP Renewables at the Boco Rock Wind Farm made the company a deserving winner of the Community Engagement Award.

Building a wind farm is challenging, and it is essential that wind power companies take local communities with them on the journey. If you don’t spend time keeping people informed and dealing with them in good faith, you can’t expect them to support your wind farm… The Clean Energy Council developed best practice community engagement guidelines last year to help lift the bar across the industry and ensure that wind farms were built with the support of local residents.

The judges found that CWP Renewables had followed industry-leading best practice when engaging with the local community living and working near the Boco Rock Wind Farm.


The Clean Energy Council (CEC) Community Engagement Award recognises outstanding positive community engagement in relation to the Australian clean energy industry.

Learn more about CEC Industry Awards