CWP Renewables Australia

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Canberra – Phone: +61 2 6100 2122

CWP Renewables Europe

Serbia – Phone: +381 11 785 0020
Bulgaria – Phone: +359 2 495 8575
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Our Partners

Doing it right by our partners including communities, industry, investors and the research community

We work with transparency and trust with our partners including communities, industry, investors and the research community.

Our strong relationships with partners are built on trust and transparency. Because we’re there for the long term (from development, through construction to ongoing operations), we take a long term view, which allows us to collaborate with partners and ensure the commercial viability of renewable energy projects.

We work with:


We work closely with host landowners, neighbours and broader communities around our projects. We seek to maximise the benefits and reduce the impacts.

Project partners

We take a co-creation approach with project partners. That means collaborative innovation, working as an extension of their team, and providing a platform for their products.


We work with shareholders, project investors and banks to ensure commercially viable projects deliver maximum returns and a safe and ethical investment.


We believe in making a contribution to the renewable energy industry by: providing policy input, delivering market intelligence, raising industry standards and participating in industry events and associations.

Research partners

For our research partners, we offer real projects, backed by our funding, direction and resources.

Industry Associations:

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