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Asian Renewable Energy Hub

The world’s largest wind and solar project

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is wind and solar project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with generation capacity up to 15 GW.

CWP Energy Asia is developing this project together with its consortium partners InterContinental Energy, Macquarie Capital and Vestas.

It will combine 15,000 MW of wind and solar generation to generate approximately 50 TWh of renewable energy annually.

Up to 3,000 MW will be dedicated to large energy users in the Pilbara region, which could include new and expanded mines and downstream mineral processing. The bulk of the power will enable large scale production of green hydrogen products for domestic and export markets.

Complementary wind and solar resources

The 6,500km2 site is located between Port Hedland and Broome in north west Australia.

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This site combines world class solar resources (which are ubiquitous in northern Australia) together with very good localised wind resources.

Project Benefits

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub has the potential to create benefits for a wide range of stakeholders:

  • Supply chains to manufacture and assemble some of the equipment associated with the wind and solar generation and hydrogen production equipment are anticipated to be established in Western Australia for the project. This will create skilled high-tech jobs, will result in technology and knowledge transfer, and will diversify the Western Australian economy.
  • he project will generate cheap clean energy for the Pilbara region, which will be a catalyst for new economic activity, diversification and growth. Many high value jobs will be created for the 10 year construction period and the 50+ year operations and maintenance period. There are particular opportunities for the Traditional Owners, the Nyangumarta People, to develop new skills, jobs and revenue, which will provide comprehensive and enduring community benefits.
  • The project will generate very large volumes of cheap, clean renewable energy, which is ideal for the large scale production of green hydrogen, which will find markets both in Australia and overseas. Japan and Korea in particular have expressed strong ambitions for adopting clean hydrogen in coming years, to help decarbonise their economies and to maintain energy security.