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Asian Renewable Energy Hub

The world’s largest wind and solar project

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is a 9GW wind and solar project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

CWP Energy Asia is developing this project together with its consortium partners InterContinental Energy and Vestas.

It will combine 6,000MW of wind generation (with over 1,200 wind turbines) and 3,000MW of solar generation, together with large scale energy storage. It will generate 33TWh of energy annually.

There are two independent project phases:

  • The Pilbara phase will dedicate 3GW of generation for the Pilbara region, to power mines, downstream mineral processing, towns and the production of hydrogen for domestic and export markets.
  • The Export phase will dedicate 6GW of generation for export to Jakarta and Singapore via subsea high voltage DC cables.

Complementary wind and solar resources

The 7,000km2 site is located between Port Hedland and Broome in north west Australia.

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This site combines world class solar resources (which are ubiquitous in northern Australia) together with very good localised wind resources.

Construction and operations jobs

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub project is expected to create 3,000 jobs during the 6-7 year construction period, including:

  • Earthworks for access tracks and hardstands
  • Construction of wind turbine foundations
  • Wind turbine erection and commissioning
  • Solar installation
  • Electrical works
  • Component manufacturing including nacelle assembly
  • Support services including accommodation, catering, cleaning and administrative services

The project is expected to create 400 jobs for the 60 year life of the project, including wind and solar maintenance, operations, site land management and support services.