CWP Renewables Australia

Newcastle – Phone: +61 2 4013 4640
Canberra – Phone: +61 2 6100 2122

CWP Renewables Europe

Serbia – Phone: +381 11 785 0020
Bulgaria – Phone: +359 2 495 8575
Monaco – Phone: +377 9350 9850

Asset Management

Ongoing asset management of renewable energy projects

We manage construction of renewable energy projects and then take responsibility for ongoing asset management.

About CWP Asset Management

CWPAM is the Asset Management branch of CWP, which has been a leading renewable energy developer since 2007, with extensive experience in wind and solar projects in Europe and Australia.

Based in Canberra, Australia, CWPAM undertakes construction, commissioning and operations with nearly 500 MW currently under management in Australia and an additional 1500MW forecast in the next two years. The scope of CWPAM services encompasses:

  • Full project and contractor management services
  • Financial compliance and transaction management
  • Performance optimisation
  • Electricity and LGC market settlements
  • Availability maximisation
  • Asset value protection
  • Accurate and appropriate reporting
  • Maintenance tracking and management
  • Facility upgrades

Visit our Project pages to see current projects under asset management.

Our approach to Asset Management

CWPAM’s approach is to be a trusted partner to asset owners. We work in close partnership with our clients and act as an extension of their organisation. We strive continually to maximise revenue and efficiency, to foresee and mitigate risk, and to build enduring relationships with all stakeholders including landowners, community, lenders, government authorities and customers.

In our experience, the major risks to loss of revenue include:

  • Poor contractor management (typically OEMs)
  • Extended outage frequencies and durations (due to defects, poor maintenance scheduling, etc.)
  • Increased defect / repair costs
  • Compliance breaches

Experienced and diligent asset managers can avoid these risks and manage these issues.