Project Development

Development of renewable energy projects

Our proven approach to selecting and developing wind and solar projects involves a number of key steps.

CWP Renewables has been developing projects in Australia since 2007. Key development activities are coordinated from our offices in Newcastle and Sydney, with asset management services delivered from Canberra.

CWP Renewables is a leading renewable energy developer, owner and asset manager with full project life-cycle expertise. Our team holds a wealth of experience in the renewable energy sector, accumulated through the successful delivery of projects in Europe and Australia.

We develop and own utility-scale renewable energy facilities incorporating wind, solar and storage technologies, oversee project delivery and commissioning, and provide long-term operational asset management services. Our unique approach to own and manage each project from inception through to full operation ensures genuine engagement with all stakeholders at every stage of development.

At all stages of development we partner with landowners, technology providers and suppliers to innovate and realise the potential of each project. We believe strong partnerships carry projects further up the value chain. Our commitment to value for all stakeholders is unwavering.

CWP Renewables is committed to the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments.

A growing pipeline in an expanding market

Our team is constantly prospecting and innovating to create new opportunities in the renewable energy space. Our commitment to the full project lifecycle ensures we focus on securing all land, permitting and social licences to successfully construct and operate each project we develop.

Our geographically dispersed portfolio of wind and solar projects is unique in the marketplace, combining generation profiles from different technologies and includes storage. This portfolio of aggregated, complimentary and manageable generation can be forecast and sold into the National Energy Market (NEM) or direct to end users, setting us apart from single technology renewable energy project developers in the sector.

Our commitment to delivering combined and complimentary renewable energy generation from our portfolio can be seen in the New England region of NSW, where the 270 MW Sapphire Wind Farm has been operating since 2018, and where we are developing a complementary c. 200 MW solar and battery storage facility. These two projects will combine to deliver low-cost manageable renewable energy generation into the NEM and direct to end use customers.